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At SoundGate Productions, we offer a professional DJ Service, available for booking, to assist in your private or corporate function. Our state of the art equipment ensures that your party will come off without a least as far as the music goes! We can't speak for the catering service...

One of the best aspects of our service is that we are very portable. Whether your event is a small family event, a medium size gathering, or a large corporate blowout, we can customize our services to make your event memorable. We use the latest digital technology to deliver a sound that surrounds you in the music.

Our music library has over 35,000 of the hottest songs from the last 50 years. Big Band, Decade (50's/60's/70's/80's/90's), Rock, and R&B; we have the music you and your guests will want to hear. We can add the perfect atmosphere to your celebration. Your event becomes an experience. You can even custom tailor your event by submitting a particular theme or specific songs.

Here's a sample list of the events we are available for:

*  Wedding Receptions

*  Theme Parties - ( Set to a favorite idea, movie, or era )

*  Corporate Events

*  Picnics or other outdoor gatherings

*  School Dances

*  Children's Parties

*  Band Intermissions


-  PRICES  -

Our pricing is simple. We charge $100.00 per hour, with a minimum of two hours. This gets you a top-flight, experienced DJ; a sound system that can fill any space; and lighting that adds "party sight to the party sound". All prices include professional sound equipment, DJ, lights, and all the normal amenities that you would expect from a DJ. SoundGate Productions is very flexible and has extensive live entertainment experience that will make your event an experience to remember.

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